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Book Club Discussion points

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Thank you so much for your interest in ‘A Conspiracy of Mothers’. Feel free to use these discussion points to guide conversation in your book club. Depending on availability, I’m happy to connect with book clubs for readings and discussion. Reach out to me on social media or on this website’s contact form. Kindly give me a few days to respond. In the meantime, enjoy the novel.


  1. Which character(s) did you find yourself the most affected by and why?

  2. Conspiracies imply secrets, things held back and not revealed. How do you think this applies to each of the mothers in this novel?

  3. What are the parallels between the journeys undertaken by the key characters?

  4. Which scene, piece of dialogue or passage struck you the most and why?

  5. How do you think the political manifests as the personal in this novel? Is it possible to clearly distinguish between the two?

  6. Sight, seeing and vision is an ongoing theme in this novel. Did that strike you and if so, what did you make of it? Given that perceptions about race are about what one sees and physical presentation, what overlay did that add to sight in the novel?

  7. Who is the true antagonist in the novel?

  8. How did the book’s structure influence how you experienced reading it?

  9. Which symbols and motifs stood out for you?

  10. What parallels can you draw between race relations and institutional racism as presented in the novel and your own social and cultural environment?

  11. What do you think the commonalities are between the women, especially the mothers, in this novel

  12. Which other book did this one make you think of and why?

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